Air tanker crash-lands in northwest Alberta

Two pilots are in hospital after crash-landing an air tanker near Manning, Alta., Thursday.

Two pilots taken to hospital, no passengers on board

Two pilots are in hospital after crash-landing an air tanker Thursday near Manning, Alta.

No passengers were on board when the plane slid off the runway at Manning Municipal Airport.

Neither pilot is in serious condition, according to Eleanor Miclette, the acting chief administrative officer for the County of Northern Lights. 

Miclette said the air crew lost control of the plane's steering and crash-landed at the end of the runway around 4 p.m. The aircraft, a Convair 580, leaked fuel following the crash but there was no fire.

The pilots, who haven't been identified, made the emergency landing after fighting fires near Manning. The airport is part of a government-run forestry base, though Miclette couldn't confirm whether the plane is privately or government-owned.

"We're just glad that both pilots came out of this alive, and that no serious injury was caused," she said.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation, so the airplane hasn't been moved.

Manning is almost 600 kilometres northwest of Edmonton.