Adrienne Lamb

Adrienne Lamb is an award-winning journalist based in Edmonton. She's the host and producer of Our Edmonton featured weekly on CBC TV. Adrienne has spent the last couple of decades telling stories across Canada.

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Prairie gold: Alberta's grain elevators reimagined to bring a new cool to old sentinels of the pool

'We've gone from all this history to almost nothing and we've almost forgotten where we've come from. So how does it make me feel? It makes me feel very, very sad.'

7 things worth looking for at the Alberta Legislature grounds

This week the province turned 115 years old and at the centre of this heritage is the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton.

Visitors welcome as Alberta Open Farm Days proceeds with pandemic precautions

AS COVID-19 puts our food supply, safety and security in sharper focus, local producers are making sure the public can connect a face and a farm to what they're consuming.

Blooming beautiful: Six selfie-perfect parks to visit in the Edmonton area

First the rain, now the heat means Alberta gardens have been going (or should we say growing) gangbusters. We’re sharing six green spaces in bloom that might make for super staycation spots for soaking up the splendour and that flower-filled selfie.

Paddling: The perfect pandemic pastime in Alberta

We’re all looking to escape this long weekend and what better place to do it than on the water? Here are some canoeing and kayaking hotspots in the capital region.

Wild Outings: 5 hikeable nature areas in the capital region

Edmonton's river valley is one of our city's best selling features, but there are more nature trails, parks and adventures in the capital region.

Edmonton Art Parks: 7 outdoor staycation spots

If you're on staycation and you like to mix art and nature, here’s seven Edmonton art parks you don't want to miss. 

Six sport parks you might be surprised to find in Our Edmonton

Rain or shine, lately mostly rain, people are looking to get out and get active in Our Edmonton. So where can you find baseball dugouts, disk golf, pitch and putt, buffalo wallows and more? Here’s a list with the answers. 

Scientists armed with new tech and cool gadgets face off against wildfires

From infrared cameras that detect fires smouldering deep underground to satellites capable of tracking smoke and ash from high above the stratosphere, scientists are taking the fight against wildfires from the forest floor to the laboratory.

Sharing nine Edmonton green spaces sure to surprise

What do an embalmer, the author of a dictionary and a women’s basketball team all have in common? They all have Edmonton public parks named after them. Don't believe us? We're showing you.

Hidden gems of Edmonton park system make secluded summer staycation destinations

With nearly 400 officially-named parks and 875 green spaces dotting the city, Edmonton is set up for summer staycation success better than most.

Working from home on a laptop? 5 ergonomic tips you should click on

How are your shoulders feeling? How about your back and wrists? If the pandemic means you're working from home on a laptop, these are the kinds of questions you need to be asking yourself according to one ergonomic expert.

Pets of the pandemic: Animals help us cope with COVID-19

From cats to canaries, hedgehogs to horses, dogs to degus; it turns out pets are playing important roles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic spring cleaning: You're tossing, who's taking?

Got time on your hands, maybe doing a little spring cleaning? From kids' toys to used clothes and furniture, donating to a thrift store is one way to move stuff you're done with out of the house. But in the wake of COVID-19, where can you turn? 

STARS focused on air rescue for 35 years

Thirty-five years, 42,000 missions, one air ambulance service. We're taking you behind the scenes at the Edmonton International Airport and inside the hangar at STARS.