Aboriginal art to be displayed on Edmonton's South LRT line

Edmonton's South LRT line will soon become a gallery for aboriginal art.
Some of the aboriginal art that will be displayed along Edmonton's South LRT line. (CBC)

Edmonton's South LRT line will soon become a gallery for aboriginal art.

Thirty panels are being installed on the previously-bare monuments adjacent to the LRT line at intersections on 111th Street between 57th Avenue and 29A Avenue/Saddleback Road.

"There was going to be some silly signs acknowledging a neighbourhood...that really were not going to be anything anyone was going to pay paid attention to," said Mayor Stephen Mandel.

The Edmonton Arts Council commissioned 15 pieces of original art from three young Aboriginal artists.

Aaron Paquette, one of Canada’s leading First Nations artists, contributed six designs, while visual artist Jason Carter provided five and Bluebird Chloe Mustooch, currently attending Emily Carr University, produced four pieces.

The panels illustrates the relationship between the City of Edmonton and our First Nations community by celebrating our vibrant First Nations history, said Mandel.

"I think it's something we should look at more and more in the city," he said.

The artists say it's important to showcase local artists in this way.

"It's going to be pretty exciting just to see my art up there, because I've never had an opportunity like this before," said Mustooch. "It's going to be there for a long time, so it's good to have my mark that I made on the city."

The city contributed $40,000 and the Edmonton Arts Council $10,000 for the creation and installation of the artworks.