3 sent to hospital after Bashaw motel goes up in flames

Three people have been transported to hospital with serious injuries after a fire destroyed the Bashaw Motor Inn.

'It was a shock. The motel was there and now it’s not. There’s nothing left'

The Bashaw Motor Inn was completely destroyed by a fire. (CBC/Zoe Todd)

All that is left of the Bashaw Motor Inn is a white picket fence. 

It starkly stands in front of the destruction behind it, seemingly untouched by the blaze that destroyed the entire motel. 

The fire, which broke-out in the central Alberta town of Bashaw early Sunday morning, sent three people to hospital in serious condition.

Police say they were called to the Bashaw Motor Inn  around 1:15 a.m.

RCMP Sgt. Shawn French said the motel received "serious damage."

"Our members were called to a fire at the hotel," French said. "They attended along with EMS and fire. It was extinguished. We're not sure of origins or that sort of thing."

French didn't know how many people were in the motel at the time but that RCMP talked with a fourth person who suffered minor injuries but did not need to be hospitalized. Several vehicles were also destroyed by the fire.

A firefighter stands in front of the destroyed Bashaw Motor Inn. (CBC)

'A cornerstone'

Mayor of Bashaw, Penny Shantz, said that the hotel has been in the small town for many years and acted as a "cornerstone" for the community.

"It was very sad, unfortunate news," said Shantz. "I'm not sure what the investigation will show, but we'll certainly miss having the motel here for the time being. It was the only motel so it meant a lot."

Shantz said that she had never seen anything in Bashaw like this fire.

"It was a shock. The motel was there and now it's not. There's nothing left."

She added the loss of the motel hurts both the residents and business in the town.

Mayor of Bashaw, Penny Shantz, said the motel was a "cornerstone" of the community. (CBC/Zoe Todd)

A video posted to Facebook shows the hotel completely engulfed in flames with several loud popping noises heard coming from the fire.

Some people have claimed that an explosion started the fire, something RCMP are looking into. 

"I have had comments made regarding a possible explosion but we don't have anything as far as a confirmation at this time," said French.

Bashaw is about 80 kilometres northeast of Red Deer.

With files from Zoe Todd