3 Halloween costumes inspired by Edmonton headlines

Tired of dressing up as a cat or a pirate? The CBC's Matthew Kupfer has three ways you can rock your Halloween party and pay tribute to your favourite Alberta city
CBC's Matthew Kupfer comes up with costume ideas R.I.P.ed from this year's headlines 1:28

It can be hard enough to get dressed in the morning so picking out a Halloween costume presents its own challenges. Here are some suggestions, R-I-P-ed from the last year's headlines.

1. Former Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel

The CBC's Matthew Kupfer demonstrates the classic Mayor Mandel shrug. (Caitlin Hanson/CBC News )

What you need: 

  • one bowtie
  • one particularly fashionable tweed jacket
  • a baldcap

Word of warning: learning to tie a bowtie is not as easy as you might think so don't be ashamed of buying a clip-on version.

Bonus points for finding a snazzy pair of yellow glasses to match his latest look or replicate the Edmonton chain of office!

2. Pothole Pete 

This costume pays tribute to the annual scourge of Edmonton roads -- the much-despised pothole. (Michelle Bellefontaine/CBC News)

What you need: 

  • insulation board from a hardware store
  • grey spray paint
  • orange, white and black bristol board
  • twine, screws

    Tell us your Edmonton-themed Halloween costume ideas!

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Dress up as your favourite Edmonton street, whether it's speckled with potholes or shut down for construction this summer. You may want to opt for an acrylic brush on paint. The spray can fumes don't air out so easily.

Bonus points for making reference to specific streets like Jasper Ave. and Queen Elizabeth Park Road.

3. City of Champions sign

Vandalism of the City of Champions sign last month inspired this interactive costume. Replace "City of Champions" with your own slogan on the whiteboard. (Michelle Bellefontaine/CBC News)

What you need:

  • cardboard
  • twine
  • mini-whiteboard

When vandals replaced the City of Champions logo on signs coming into the city, it inspired some social media copycats — and now this! 

This simple costume will make you a hit at whatever Halloween party you attend thanks to its interactive element.

Bonus points for making some vertical cardboard strips to make this look even more like the original signs.



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