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Alberta women's shelters strained 'far past their limits' to meet rising need, report says

The Alberta Council of Women's Shelters says the number of people who stayed in a shelter after fleeing abuse is up 19 per cent, but cases where agencies had to deny shelter requests for lack of space have also increased 32 per cent.

Proposal to expand Alberta coal mine faces pushback after string of wastewater releases

An environmental group says a coal company's application to deepen its open-pit mine shouldn't be considered while it's under investigation over wastewater releases into local rivers.

'Everyone deserves to have a roof over their head': How some are turning to motels and campgrounds for housing

Amid an ongoing housing crisis, some in Alberta are turning to alternative living situations outside of homes and apartments, from trailers in RV parks to motels. For some, it's become a "daily battle."

Sunscreen instead of ski pants? What El Niño could mean for the upcoming Prairie winter

Enjoying the relatively dry, balmy fall? There may be more to come, say experts, thanks to El Niño making its return after a nearly eight-year hiatus.

This commonly prescribed cancer drug was supposed to help save this doctor's life. Instead, it killed him

After being diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year, Dr. Anil Kapoor of Ontario was prescribed the common chemotherapy medication Fluorouracil. Three weeks later, he died from a toxic reaction to it. His brothers are on a mission to uncover who is most at risk and what the Canadian health-care system should do about it.

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