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Pilot program aims to refurbish solar panels before they end up in Alberta landfills

An Alberta group is hoping to continue a pilot that's developed a process to salvage and refurbish solar panels to prevent a mass amount of waste.

Changes coming to Alberta's proposed Sovereignty Act after concerns over powers given to cabinet

Smith told a radio talk show Saturday that her sovereignty bill was never supposed to give cabinet such sweeping authority, and says her government wants to make it clear in law that this is not the case.

Sherwood Park's Kelsey Mitchell wins silver in final round of UCI Track Champions League

Tokyo 2020 Olympic champion Kelsey Mitchell kept it close, but finished second in the women's sprint race on Saturday in the fifth and final round of the UCI Track Champions League in London.

Woman told police husband killed nephew but testimony differs during trial

Hours after being shot, a woman told police her husband may have killed her nephew and tried to kill her because she was away from home in the company of another man, court heard.

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