Eaton's downtown store set to close in days

The Eaton's name will live on. In Toronto, Sears Canada announced it is buying 5 stores, including Polo Park, and will continue to operate under the Eaton's banner. The news for Eaton's downtown is grim though. It will close it's doors in 13 days.

Eaton's executives confirm the historic Downtown Winnipeg store will be closing its doors on October 17th.

Eaton's confirmed the news after CBC obtained internal documents outlining a schedule for store closures. 36 Eaton's stores across the country will close on that day.

Winnipeg's Polo Park store was also on the list, but escaped closure when Sears announced it would pick it up, along with four others.

Sears wants to continue the Eaton's name and trademark. But Winnipeg economist Robert Warren isn't surprised it doesn't want to take over the downtown store.

"There is not a lot of traffic into that store, especially the higher end goods that Sears was interested in in other downtown stores brought" said Warren.

The downtown Winnipeg store dates back to 1904. Everything is on sale, even the display cases. Liquidators are slashing prices, while the Eaton's faithful are getting one last picture and paying their last respects. No one is expecting a white knight to save a store that has already survived one round of store closures.

The owners of Eaton Place remain one of the potential buyers of the downtown store, but neither side is saying much.

As for the Polo Park store the liquidators sale is off.

Sears is going to restock and hope it will remain as one of the more profitable Eaton's stores in the country.