Domi, wife make deal in divorce case

Tie Domi and his wife have reached a temporary settlement in their divorce proceedings, amid allegations of an affair between the former Maple Leafs enforcer and Liberal MP Belinda Stronach.

Former Toronto Maple Leafs player Tie Domi and his wife, Leanne, have reached a temporary settlement in their divorce proceedings, amid allegations of an affair between the hockey enforcer and Liberal MP Belinda Stronach.

The agreement was reached at about 9:20 a.m. ET Tuesday, less than an hour before the case was to be heard in a Toronto courtroom. Details weren't made public butcould include custody of the couple's three children and support payments.

Leanne Domihad been asking for $45,000 a month for child and spousal support.

The case has garnered headlines because of the allegations that Stronach was involved in an "intimate sexual relationship" withthe hockey enforcer and caused the end oftheir 13-yearmarriage.

None of the allegations have been proven in court and neither Tie Domi or Stronach have commented on the allegations.

"Tie Domi has committed adultery with Belinda Stronach," Leanne Domi alleged in court documents.

Stronach 'insinuated' herself into Domi's life, wife alleges

Although she said there had been persistent rumours of an affair, she said she chose to ignore them, believing her husband's insistence thatit was only a business relationship.

But she said that changedwhen she received a callin July from a friend who alleged that she saw TieDomi andStronach walking hand in hand inNew York City.

Following the split, Leanne Domi alleged that Tie Domi threatened to leave her with "nothing" if she hired a lawyer and that heinstead offered her $1 million in cash and$1.5 milliontobuy her house.

In court documents, Leanne Domi alleged that Stronach "insinuated herself" into Domi's life in the summer of 2005 when she attended a cocktail party at theFormula One races in Montreal.

Leanne stated that Belinda offered a cold "hello" to her and the other wives whowere at the party and then seated herself "directly beside Tie."

In January 2006, Tie became involved in Stronach's election campaign, Leanne Domi said.

"This was a very big surprise to me, and to our family, because Tie had little to no interest in politics, and in fact had not the slightest idea about political ideology or even the slightest inkling about the ideological difference between the candidates."

Affair conducted at family's home, wife alleges

Leanne Domialso claimed thather husband bought her a condo in Ontario's Muskoka district in March to distract her from his "important time with Belinda— including what I now believe (but cannot prove) were his trysts with her by our pool in the eveningof late May and early June."

She said she would come home to cushions strewn aroundthe pool andempty wine bottles.She also claimed that the security camera was deactivated.

Leanne Domi said that in July, she confronted her husband about what her friend said she saw in New York, asked him to leave and told him the marriage was over.

She saidher husbandadmitted to adultery "albeit tangentially on one occasion when he came home shortly after July 22."

"I was crying and I asked him why he had done whathe had done."

Shequoted her husband as saying: "I'm so sorry, Leanne" and then stated repeatedly to "just leave Belinda out of this."

Quick settlement to protect children

Leanne Domi's lawyer, Julie Hannaford, said the consent order was reached quickly because the Domis wanted to protect the interests of their children.

"This matter has been very acrimonious," Hannaford said in an interview outside the courtroom.

"There is a great deal of sadness by Mrs. Domi and by Mr. Domi and we are pleased that we arrived at a consent (order) that we believe will be beneficial to the children as well as to the parties."

With files from the Canadian Press