Doctors rally for more health money

A coalition of doctors and social groups is calling on the Quebec government to invest more into the health care system.

The Good Samaritan commission held public hearings on health and social services in Quebec. The group warns about some recommendations in another health care study.

The release of this report coincides with the provincial government's Clair Report.

Dr. Paul Saba from the Good Samaritan Coalition says he agrees with several points in the Clair document, but he also warns of some of the elements in it.

"There's undercurrent of privatization, partnership with the private sector, contracting out to private services, this is going to cost more and it's not going to provide better health care," Saba says.

Saba says any links to private health care should be avoided at all cost.

He says the provincial government spends 20 per cent less on health care than other provinces with similar economies. He says the government has the money to build its own clinics instead of relying on the private sector.

"We have to make sure the government's not taking that money and paving roads with it, or helping to pay for the roof of the Olympic stadium," Saba says.

The Good Samaritan commission wants all medical and related services to be paid for out of one pot, and not several different funds. It also recommends that the provincial government increase financing for health care by four per cent every year.