DNA Testing Revives Murder Case

The great detective of the nineties may have helped police in Caledon solve two decades-old crimes.

The detective is DNA -- and acting on the clues left at the scene of two terrifying murders, police have charged a man 29 years after the blood dried. The two crimes have plagued retired O.P.P. Commissoner Archie Ferguson for the last twenty-nine years.

"And those things stay with you. It was one, I mentioned earlier, that I investigated quite a number of homicides this one, I would say was one of the remained in my mind more than any other," says Ferguson.

The victims were both former nurses and lived just 40 minutes from each other. On May 6, 1970 in Gormley, Ontario, Doreen Moorby 34 years old, was sexually assaulted and then murdered in her home. Just 13 days later, Margaret Ferguson 38 years old , was sexually assaulted and murdered in her in Palgrave Ontario home.

It is one of Canada's oldest unsolved murder cases but the OPP has a policy of not closing cases. Don Mac Neil was handed the puzzle two years ago. He spoke to the families of the victims.

"They were satisfied and it was the start of their closure there is the court process to go through mind you they were happy an individual will be going before the courts," says MacNeil of the O.P.P.'s Criminal Investigation Bureau.

The case has not gone to trial so police are releasing few details about how the finally made an arrest. 52-year old Ronald West faces two counts of first degree murder. He was not one the original suspects.