Dissident MPs ready to break from Day's leadership

It was a day of closed doors and closed mouths for most members of the Canadian Alliance. But that is about to change.

On Tuesday a handful of MPs are planning to announce they're leaving the Canadian Alliance caucus to sit as independent Alliance members.

Almost a half dozen Alliance MPs have made their decision to withdraw from the party under the leadership of Stockwell Day, and that list could grow over the next few weeks.

The MPs - those opposed to Day's leadership - have been discussing their options in meetings with Chuck Strahl. Strahl is the former Alliance House leader who resigned the position saying he lacked confidence in Day.

The resignation sparked wider criticism of Day's leadership and ultimately the expulsion of some members from the Alliance caucus.

Now a small group of Day's critics are looking at the possibility of breaking away altogether to sit as independent Alliance MPs.

Besides Strahl, it appears three other B.C. MPs are ready to walk; Jay Hill, Val Meredith and Gary Lunn. Joining them will be a Calgary MP, Art Hanger, who was the first MP kicked out of caucus after calling for Day's resignation.

Those five MPs are expecting others to join them later in the week.

It's believed the group will say it is not breaking away from the Canadian Alliance, that they will sit outside of caucus and separate themselves from other Alliance MPs in Parliament. The MPs will make it clear they support the party, they just don't support the leader.