Day supporters at bar-b-q in dissident Solberg's riding

Canadian Alliance Party members who support their leader, Stockwell Day, are attending a barbeque Monday night in Medicine Hat.

Day and his wife, Valerie, are expected to be in attendance, together with 200 others.

Cathy Smith, the organizer of the barbeque, is also Monte Solberg's former campaign manager.

"It's just to get people together, who are Canadian Alliance supporters, who believe in the democratic process and who believe that we are the legitimate alternative to the liberals," says Smith. "We want to keep our party together and keep moving forward and do the job that over 3-million Canadians voted us to do."

Solberg is the Alliance MP for the riding of Medicine Hat and one of the 13 dissident MPs who have asked for Day's resignation. He was invited to the barbecue but Smith says he has not responded.