Day promises to shake up Parliament

Stockwell Day put on a show for the TV cameras on Tuesday. His staff chose a beachside venue for his first official news conference after his byelection win Monday night.

Looking tanned, and sporting a wetsuit, Day Jet Skied across the choppy waters of Okanagan Lake, and jumped off right in front of the waiting microphones.

But as he stepped into his new role as MP, the Canadian Alliance leader was also thinking ahead to facing the Liberals in the House of Commons. "So to the prime minister and the federal Liberals we are saying, 'The holiday is almost over. We're coming. We're setting a new tone in the House of Commons.'"

Day says part of that new way involves MPs working less in Ottawa. He wants to get rid of Friday sittings in Parliament. "Right now, it's a joke. As you know, there is not the full attendance that it should be. The prime minister is never there, if ever at all," he said.

Day called the prime minister a master strategist and promised he wouldn't stoop to the same kind of political stunts, such as the way Jean Chretien accepted the defection of two Tory MPs just hours after Joe Clark's byelection win.

"I think that's the old line politics and Canadians are tired of it. We're going to be up front, transparent, about parliamentary reform, about criminal justice reform, about the kind of things that will make this country strong."

When it comes to political strategy though, Day is clearly no slouch himself. He was seen practising for Tuesday's jetski arrival several times on Monday.