Day now denies meeting with spy

Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day issued a retraction Sunday, denying that he ever met an alleged undercover agent.

A newspaper report claimed that the Alliance considered hiring the man to dig up dirt on Prime Minister Jean Chrtien.

On Saturday, Day told reporters that he had spoken to someone described as an expert on biker gangs and other criminal activity.

Despite confirming the meeting Day adamantly denied that the man was ever offered work, or that the Alliance was trying to use a spy to uncover secrets about Liberals.

Within 24 hours the Alliance leader's office had issued a retraction, stating that he actually has never spoken to the unidentified man.

"When I first read the Globe and Mail story, shortly before being interviewed on the matter, I mistakenly assumed that the individual in question may have been one of the many people that our members of Parliament introduce me to on a daily basis," Day said in a release.

"However, after talking with (Alliance MPs Darrell Stinson and Myron Thompson), and my staff, and consulting my schedule, I can confirm that I was not introduced to him and have never met this person."

Day said that Stinson, Thompson, and Day's chief of staff did talk to the man on March 21 about the possibility of conducting research into organized crime.

"Contrary to the Globe story, there was never any suggestion that this individual would investigate the prime minister or his Shawinigan business dealings," Day added.

He has demanded an apology and retraction from the newspaper.