Day coy about plans

To run or not to run. That's the question for Alberta Treasurer Stockwell Day.

Day is being coy about his plans to run against Preston Manning for the leadership of the new Canadian Alliance.

Day appeared on CBC Radio's parliamentary programme The House on Saturday but continued to duck questions about his future.

He has said recently he'll announce his plans within weeks, but now Day refuses to say when he'll make a final decision.

Reform members will hold a referendum next month on the future of the party.

If they vote to merge into the new conservative-style Canadian Alliance, there will be a leadership convention in late June.

Day says he agrees with Reform Leader Preston Manning there needs to be a strong race to provide credibility and profile to the leader of the new party.

Stockwell Day has becoming an increasingly high profile leadership contender.

A Internet site set up to draft him into the job has received thousands of hits from across the country.

He also received national attention for last week's big-spending provincial budget and his plans to introduce the first provincial flat tax in the country.