Dartmouth candidates debate

The four main party candidates in the riding of Dartmouth faced each other at a debate Monday night. The federal election race in Dartmouth is a tight one that has all the parties working hard to gain an advantage.

The debate, sponsored by Saint Mary's University covered a lot of ground including issues ranging from health care to parliamentary reform. With just days left before the vote, the candidates concentrated as much on trying to score points as they did on presenting the party line.

"The New Democrats would like to replace agencies like ACOA because we think they have become slush funds for Liberals and their friends," NDP candidate Wendy Lill said.

Conservative candidate Tom McInnis had this to offer on the Liberal's plans for the environment: "The fact is, Bernie, that in seven-and-a-half years your government has not passed one significant piece of legislation with respect to the environment."

Finally Liberal candidate Bernie Boudreau and Canadian Alliance candidate Jordi Morgan mixed it up over Ralph Klein's health clinics.

"How would you stop him if he puts in two-tiered health in Alberta tomorrow?" Boudreau asked Morgan.

"He is not putting in two-tiered health. He is trying desperately to fix what you did as a federal government," Morgan responded.

The candidates will meet face to face again for four more debates between now and election day including a televised debate on CBC Television Wednesday night.