CSIS fires officer over stolen secrets

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service has fired one of its officers. It's the result of an investigation into an incident at the Air Canada Centre in October.

The officer had a top-secret document stolen from her van while she was at a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game. The document was in the woman's briefcase. It was later thrown into a dumpster in downtown Toronto.

She had been given permission by her supervisor to take the documents with her on vacation so she could study for a job promotion interview. There is no word on any discipline against the supervisor, although CSIS says its investigation is continuing.

The document is said to have contained sensitive operational planning information. Intelligence observers have called it one of them most serious breaches of security in the 15-year history of CSIS.

The document has not been recovered.

CSIS will not release the name of the officer, citing federal privacy legislation.