Convicted killer suspected in two old murders

Police in Winnipeg and Calgary are looking at the same suspect in connection with two unsolved murders in the 1980s. Last week, Winnipeg police apologized for jailing the wrong man for one of the killings.

Thomas Sophonow spent four years in jail for the murder of 16-year-old Barbara Stoppel. Officials now say he didn't commit that murder. Last week, police in Winnipeg said they had a new suspect.

Winnipeg police refuse to name their suspect until charges are laid, but published reports confirm the suspect is 38-year-old Terry Samuel Arnold. He is currently serving a life sentence for killing Christine Brown, 15, in B.C. after she refused to have sex with him.

Arnold and Sophonow, who was exonerated, look remarkably similar. Published reports suggest Arnold was an original suspect in the Stoppel case, but was discounted after Sophonow was arrested.

Meanwhile, Calgary police are waiting for DNA evidence to see if it implicates Arnold in the murder of 17-year-old Denise Lapierre in Calgary in 1987.

A day after her graduation party, she was found in a back alley near where both she and Arnold were living at the time.

"We narrowed down the number of suspects in the area," says Staff Sgt. George Rocks of the Calgary police. "And Mr. Terry Arnold is one of these suspects."

The doughnut shop where Stoppel worked and was killed is about one kilometre away from a building where Arnold is believed to have been living.

Arnold was assessed at New Brunswick's Dorchester Institution after he raped four girls aged 10 to 16. A report there refers to him as insane, dangerous and capable of serious crimes.

Arnold will remain in jail until at least 2019, when he's eligible for parole.