Convicted killer murdered in N.B. prison

Police are investigating the murder of a convicted child killer who was found dead at a New Brunswick prison Friday.

Guards found Murray Edward Lyons dead in his cell at the Atlantic Institution in Renous Friday morning. The RCMP confirm that he was murdered, but they won't say how.

Lyons was convicted in the sexual assault and murder of an eight-year-old Fredericton girl in 1995. The 39-year-old was serving life at the Renous prison.

Guards say he was being held in a protective custody unit with about 70 other inmates who were despised by the general population.

Lyons was considered the worst in their pecking order as a convicted child rapist and killer.

The 1995 murder of Jackie Clarke is one of Fredericton's most horrifying crimes.

Lyons spotted the eight yearold with some playmates and lured her away with an offer of a ride on his all-terrain vehicle. He sexually assaulted the girl, strangled her, and buried her in shallow grave.

Both the RCMP and Corrections Canada are investigating Lyons' death.

Lyons mother says she hopes his death will be investigated as carefully as any other murder. Mina Lyons who was in tears Friday after the prison called, says her son had been begging God for forgiveness.

She also says he warned her told her he would be dead soon.