Controversial pedophilia Web site shut down

A man who is being sued for the contents of a Web site he maintained says he shut the site down over the weekend voluntarily.

Dick Nadeau says the site where he posted details about an alleged pedophile ring in Cornwall, Ont., helped him accomplish his goal.

"I think we've done a great job of letting people know ... about the depth and breadth of pedophilia," Nadeau said. "People have a better understanding now about the damage it does to an individual life-long damage.

"Plus, we've resurrected issues, so that people in Cornwall can understand what happened. I think that's very important."

An ongoing police investigation into allegations of sexual abuse called Project Truth had already resulted in charges against a number of prominent people in the Cornwall area when Nadeau set up the site last year. Police continue to investigate others.

The Web site quickly became a lightning rod for both supporters and detractors.

Some call Nadeau a hero unafraid to challenge the rich and powerful. Others say he conducted a witch hunt in cyberspace.

Seven priests and church officials are suing him, and he has been cited twice for contempt.

But he says shutting down the site had nothing to do with that pressure, that it was his decision.

Nadeau does admit poor health contributed to the decision. The stress, he says, has been hard on his heart.