Conservative party unveils new logo

The Conservative Party of Canada unveils its new logo Tuesday.

The Conservative Party of Canada, the newly merged party of the federal Progressive Conservatives and the Canadian Alliance, unveiled its new logo Tuesday.

The symbol consists of an uppercase blue 'C' with a red maple leaf inside, along with the name 'Conservative Party of Canada.'

The new party was registered with the chief electoral officer Dec. 8 after the Tories and Alliance voted overwhelmingly to merge the two parties.

A leadership vote is expected to take place the weekend of March 19, 2004.

Sen. John Lynch-Staunton is leading the new party until a leader is elected.

So far, Calgary lawyer Jim Prentice is the only person officially to declare his candidacy.

Progressive Conservative Leader Peter MacKay says he is considering running, but wants to consult his family and friends.

Alliance Leader Stephen Harper said Tuesday he would announce his entry on Jan. 12, 2004.