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Father guilty of manslaughter in death of toddler found outside Edmonton church

A man accused in the death of his young son found outside an Edmonton church has been convicted of manslaughter.

Edmonton boy battles ultra-rare disease that makes him 'itch like crazy'

Armando Perez was only three months old when he got itchy.

'If we don't, who is?' Adventurers protect winter playground as climate changes

Professional adventurer Greg Hill was skiing in Pakistan five years ago, when he got caught in an avalanche and broke his leg. As he healed, he reflected on what legacy he would have left behind had he died.

After avalanche deaths, experts renew call for climbers to carry safety gear

Outdoor experts are hoping that an avalanche that killed three world-class climbers last spring will lead to improved safety in the sport.

Ron MacLean says he doesn't believe Don Cherry is racist

Ron MacLean, the long-time co-host of "Coach's Corner" with Cherry, was in Edmonton to receive an honorary doctor of laws degree at the University of Alberta. Before receiving the degree, MacLean told reporters it's been a difficult time surrounding Don Cherry's dismissal.

'Utterly fearless': Greta Thunberg visits glacier in Jasper National Park

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg braved a blizzard on a snow-covered glacier in Jasper National Park to learn from the scientists who study the ice.

Alberta takes second look at trucking changes after meeting Broncos families

The Alberta government says it will take a second look at training requirements for truck drivers after meeting with Humboldt Broncos families.

Humboldt Broncos families upset by Alberta trucking regulation review

Several families affected by the deadly Humboldt Broncos hockey bus crash say they are upset by an Alberta review of trucking regulations.

Edmonton soldier charged with attempted murder of her 3 children

Cpl. Chantal Jadwiga Condie, 41, also faces arson charges after a fire at a home on the base on July 20, 2015, according to court records.

Retired senior Mountie says answers could still come in B.C. homicides

Investigators should be able to provide some answers about three homicides in northern British Columbia even though two suspects in the case are believed to be dead, says a former RCMP assistant commissioner.

Parks Canada puts up toilet etiquette signs to help international tourists use outhouses

Staff at Lake O'Hara in British Columbia's Yoho National Park have installed toilet etiquette signs, which ask users to sit rather than stand on seats, in bathroom facilities.

Bison population at risk in Prince Albert National Park due to overhunting: study

Research into free-roaming plains bison in Saskatchewan's Prince Albert National Park says the herd could go extinct from overhunting in fields outside the protected area.

Edmonton murder trial hears child found outside church had head trauma, bruises

A doctor who performed an autopsy on a toddler found dead outside an Edmonton church says the child suffered from serious head trauma.

Hidden gem: Historic site a hub for adventure on edge of Alberta's Rockies

For visitors looking for a glimpse of Prairie history, Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site, just east of the Rockies, is a hidden gem that's worth a trip.

Alberta wildfires linked to climate change, scientist says

The Fort McMurray fire and record-breaking wildfire season in B.C. in 2017 have been connected to climate change in two separate research papers published by scientists with Environment and Climate Change Canada.