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Greenpeace activists are seen on the beach in Cancun at the United Nations climate change talks. ((Henry Romero/Reuters))

Cancun summit

Mexico President Felipe Calderon speaks at the opening of the United Nations climate change conference in Cancun, Mexico, on Nov. 29. (Israel Leal/Associated Press)

An agreement to reaffirm support for the world's least developed countries to help them cope with global warming was a highlight of climate talks that ended early Saturday in Cancun, Mexico.

The Green Climate Fund would manage a "significant share" of the $100 billion a year pledged last year at the Copenhagen climate talks. However, the decision does not spell out sources for that funding, which will not be distributed until 2020.

The 12-day gathering, that involved 193 countries, was held a year after the Copenhagen climate talks ended without any binding agreement on curbing greenhouse gases.

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