Chrtien addresses abortion, gun control

Jean Chrétien is warning women that Alliance Leader Stockwell Day intends to reopen the abortion debate.

Chrtien was speaking to more than 1,200 women from the Quebec Liberal party Sunday.

In 1988 the Supreme Court upheld a ruling that gives women freedom of choice. And Chrétien said it was best to leave the issue alone.

"We have social peace in Canada on the question of abortion," Chrétien said. "He (Stockwell Day) is proposing to have a referendum on that. I don't think that the women would be very happy with that."

To that, the crowd cheered and shouted "No, No, No."

Day is an evangelical Christian who personally opposes abortion, but has said he would not impose his views on the rest of the country unless citizens, in a referendum, told him to.

Chrétien also raised the gun control issue. "I'm very proud that we, in Canada are able to pass laws like this . . . because we have laws and values like this in Canada, we can walk in our parks day or night. . . You can't do that in the United States."

The crowd of women was eager to hear his message. Polls show women voters are far more receptive to the Liberals than to the Alliance on social policy issues like health, children's programs and education.