Chretien laughs off pie attack

Prime Minister Jean Chretien's one-day visit to P.E.I. ended with a smile on Wednesday. However it started on a more serious note as a 23-year old man slipped by security and jammed a cream pie in the prime minister's face.

Chretien ended the day at the home of Canada's Solicitor General, Lawrence MacAulay in St. Peter's Bay. It was an opportunity for Islanders to meet and shake hands with Jean Chretien.

He move through the crowd shaking hands, talking , and posing with anyone who wanted a picture.

Chretien briefly mentioned being hit with the pie in his address to the crowd. "I have been here many times and you have developed a funny way to serving pie these days, " the prime minister joked. "You know I'm not that hungry".

The RCMP security around Chretien was much tighter than it was earlier in the day. In Ottawa senior RCMP officials were left to explain how the protestor managed to score the direct hit on Chretien.

The prime minister used the strawberry social stage for a campaign style speech focused on health care, the economy, progress in the region as well as his party's support for Atlantic Canada.

Many of the people at the event quietly talked about the assault on the prime minister. Most of them saying, it was uncalled for, and at least for a day it gave the Island a bad name.