Charges against Montreal 'amnesiac' dropped

Charges of mischief and obstruction of justice against Matthew Honeycutt have been dropped.

Honeycutt is the mystery man who suddenly found himself on a street in Montreal with no memory. He claimed he woke up beside a dumpster without clothes or any idea of his identity. Medical tests led doctors to conclude he was suffering from a rare form of amnesia.

His case drew wide media attention. His picture appeared in all the local newspapers, on radio shows and he was even profiled on CBC's The National.

Months later his relatives identified him after seeing his story on an American television show. They identified him as a fugitive wanted on fraud charges in the United States. Police decided to charge Honeycutt with mischief.

On Wednesday, they dropped those charges. His lawyer says it was because they didn't have a case. The Crown says they withdrew the charges on humanitarian grounds.

Honeycutt is now living with his family in Tennessee. His lawyer says his client has yet to recover his memory and is in therapy.

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