CFB Trenton prepares for Kosovar refugees

Canada expects 5000 refugees from the war in the Balkans, 3000 of whom will start their journey at Trenton.

They will stay in barracks normally used by Air Cadets, in a place called "Recovery Camp."

The chief of the Military Police says his men & women have placed fresh sheets on hundreds of military-style cots. Everything is spotless, but there won't be a show of uniforms.

Sgt. Major Ben Boulet of the Military Police explains,"they've seen enough of soldiers around them, so it's one way to help them adapt."

Military doctors are aware they'll be counselling the soul as well as curing the body. Although drugs and equipment are ready, the leader of one medical Unit says he's bracing himself to hear accounts of brutality.

Dr. Ron Goldstein says,"there's no way you can imagine what's happened to them."

Immigration Canada has a Field Office on the base. Refugees will be given at least 6 months to plan their next move. Immigration says many have already received Ministerial Permits to stay with relatives and that many others will be absorbed into their own communities in Canada.