CBC to cut foreign bureaus

Another round of cuts is taking place at CBC News. CBC Television has confirmed that it is cutting back on three of its foreign bureaus.

It is closing its Capetown, South Africa bureau. It is unclear where correspondent Keith Boag will go. Mexico City is next on the list. Correspondent Joan Leishman will be reassigned.

The English TV bureau in Paris will also be closed. It is uncertain what correspondent Paul Workman will do next.

CBC television news executives have not commented publicly on the cuts. But there have been meetings recently on how to deal with serious financial shortfalls in English-language television.

The cuts come as the corporation deals with a strike by 1,800 technical employees. Programming has been affected for the past two days as managers perform work normally done by members of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union.

Foreign Affairs Lloyd Axworthy says he's dismayed to hear that CBC TV is shutting down the bureaus.

Axworthy says the national broadcaster has a responsibility to report world news to Canadians from a Canadian perspective.

The corporation says it must deal with a serious financial shortfall in television.