Celebrate Asian Heritage Month with CBC's Top 5 for May

CBC is celebrating Asian Heritage Month with lots to discover.
Stylized CBC gem logo with pieces of the logo shown in red, orange, light blue, blue and yellow on a black background with the words "It's a Canada Thing" in white and the CBC logo in the righthand corner in white. There's a dominant circular photo of an Asian woman leaning on a luggage handle. The words "House Special" in small white text on her photo.
May has finally arrived and CBC is celebrating Asian Heritage Month with lots to discover. Check out our new titles on CBC Gem as part of the Asian Excellence Collection, join the conversation in our #IAmAsianEnough social campaign, stream the best of Bollywood soundtracks on CBC Listen, meet the Changemakers and celebrate Asian Heritage across the country.

A suburban familly standing outside their suburban-like home, an Asian mom and dad with their two daugher and son. They appear to selling tea in their neighborhood. There are three square posters for the shows Sort Of, Bollywed and Superfan in front of them.
Celebrate Canada's rich and diverse Asian Heritage all month long with new titles to stream for free on CBC Gem. Join designer and chef Jackie Kai Ellis as she travels outside of her comfort zone to learn more about her people's story on a plate in House Special. Explore local traditions and difficult conversations on Ravi Patel's Pursuit of Happiness. Learn the secret language of Nushu and how it bonded generations of Chinese women with hope and survival in Hidden Letters. After winning it big at the casino, Lucky Grandma attracts the wrong kind of attention and finds herself right in the middle of a Chinatown gang war. Check out our Asian Excellence Collection on CBC Gem with favourites like Run the Burbs and Bollywed

Asian Heritage Month poster - the word Asian in pink with flowers in the center of the A's - and Heritage Month in rust-coloured text. Two blue leave branches are featured on the outside of the words. There is a hashtag in white lettering on a blue background that reads: #IAmAsianEnough
Throughout May, join CBC to explore #IAmAsianEnough. Hear personal stories of Asian Canadians about their journeys with their Asian identities—good, bad and everything in between. Check out CBC's Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to learn more. 

Man singing on stage with a hand-held microphone.  He's smiling wearing silver rimmed sunglasses and a yellow ball cap, a black jacket and silver and black shirt.
Music Playlist - Bollywood Idols on CBC Listen.

Film music at its best. The soundtrack to a thousand evenings of star-crossed lovers, plotting villains, hilarious coincidences, and strange twists of fate. Featuring iconic voices from over 6 decades of Bollywood magic. Hear: Mohammed Rafi, Atif Aslam, Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle!

A poster that reads Asian Chanagemakers. The text is in yellow and orange colours. Stories of heritage culture and pride is the white text under the main Asian Changemakers headline. It shows the CBC Calgary logo in white. There is a large sun rising in yellow on the righthand side coming out of colourful (pink, red, orange and yellow circles that look like printed fabric). All set against a red background.
CBC Calgary is highlighting the rich heritage and contributions of five Asian Calgarians throughout the month of May. Stream Calgary Eyeopener and visit to hear stories of legacy, heritage and cultural pride from Calgary's Asian communities. Click here to learn more.

A stylized arched doorway leading into many arches of a garden rock pathway. The first gate has an ornate design of flowers on a yellowish background. It flows to a red arch, a blue arch, into a garden with green trees. There are golden flowers on the either side of the main arch on an olive background. The words "Carrying Our Cultures" is is white text over the image.
To mark Asian Heritage Month, CBC Quebec connected with Asian communities to ask them: How do you carry your cultural heritage, in big ways or small? Throughout the month of May, you will hear the stories of Asian Canadians living in Quebec. They share their journeys in life and their cultures, all in different ways for different reasons. Created by an Asian Canadian CBC team, the series features candid conversations with individuals about how they wear, create, eat, or simply live their culture. Click here to learn more. 

Looking for more great content for the month of May? Stream thousands of free comedies, thrillers and documentaries on CBC Gem  and for music and podcast lovers, check out CBC Listen.

All photos courtesy CBC.