Catherine on the campaign trail

When Catherine Clark first started on the campaign trail with her dad in 1998 she wasn't exactly given a warm reception. "I was noticing that people were not quite sure how to deal with me until I introduced myself as Joe's daughter, Catherine."

Voters were mistaking her for Joe Clark's "new little blonde wife."

"They were quite a bit more welcoming once they realized my actual identity," said Clark.

Catherine Clark is 23, beautiful and has been very visible alongside her dad throughout the first week of the campaign.

"I would imagine that most of the people who think that I'm trotted out as a prop or a trophy are either in the other camps" or are media skeptics, she said.

Catherine grew up during her father's political height. He was leader of the Official Opposition, Prime Minister and served in Brian Mulroney's cabinet.

Now she's acting as an organizer and an advisor to her father. Joe Clark says Catherine lets him see the world through younger eyes.

Clark has been travelling with her father throughout the election, but yesterday was the first time she did any media interviews.

Clark is an art history graduate from the University of Toronto. She took a temporary leave of absence from her job at the publicity firm of Hill and Knowlton to work on the campaign.

Joe Clark's wife and Catherine's mother is Maureen McTeer. She's a lawyer, an author and is campaigning elsewhere on her own.