Canadian UN observer confirmed dead

PM Stephen Harper says the remains of Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener, a Canadian killed last week while working as a UN observer in southern Lebanon, have been identified.

A Canadian soldier has been confirmed dead almost a week after an Israeli bomb hit his United Nations observer post in southern Lebanon.

Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener, 43, was reported missing and presumed dead after the post was destroyed on July 25.

The Canadian government said Monday that the remains of Hess-von Kruedener had been positively identified.

In a statement, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he was "deeply saddened" to confirm the loss of the soldier.

"On behalf of the government of Canada, I extend my profound sympathy to the family, friends and loved ones of this brave soldier, who served our country with distinction and honour," Harper's statement said.

The attack also killedthree other UN observers from Austria, China and Finland.

Following the destruction of the post, the UN said it was pulling out 50 unarmed observers from along the border between Israel and Lebanon.

The unarmed observer force, which was formed in 1948,is known as the UN Truce Supervision Organization.

It is attached to UN peacekeeping forces in the area, including the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, which was formed in 1978 to help Lebanon assert its authority alongits border with Israel.