Canadian definition of 'local' food greatly expanded

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is greatly expanding its definition of local food, CBC's Aaron Saltzman reports.

CFIA interim policy says local food is anything grown within the same province

How local is local food?

10 years ago
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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is widening the definition of what a 'local' food label means

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has greatly expanded its definition of local food.

The CFIA, which is responsible for food labelling in Canada, has for decades defined local food as food that is produced within 50 kilometres of where it's sold.

But under a new interim policy, the organization is expanding the definition to mean food produced in the same province in which it's sold, or food sold across provincial borders within 50 kilometres of the originating province or territory.

The new policy, which started May 10, will remain in place while the CFIA conducts a complete review of its food labelling regulations.

You can watch the full report from CBC's Aaron Saltzman above, including reaction from both critics of the policy and its supporters.