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Search for Alberta unmarked residential school burial sites complex work, advocates say

Securing funding is just one of many hurdles to overcome while searching for answers about children who never came home from residential schools, say people who do the work.

City of Red Deer rejects downtown homeless shelter, searches for lot

Red Deer’s city council says the temporary homeless shelter can't stay downtown, and that means the province's plans for a permanent shelter are now on hold.

Sask. First Nation announces hundreds of unmarked graves found at former residential school site

A news release from Cowessess and the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous First Nations did not give a specific number, but said it will be the most found to date in Canada.

Kenney accuses Calgary council of bending to 'angry voices on Twitter' over mask decision

Kenney says the province has tried to work closely with municipalities to keep COVID messaging consistent and that it's "not helpful" that Calgary will continue to have a mask bylaw when the province removes most restrictions on July 1.

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