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Fishermen are sinking boats and dumping concrete in the Gulf of Mexico — to save the fish

While helping sea life has been the main goal of the project, university researchers are also in the midst of a unique study to determine whether the massive man-made reef could help with climate change.

Alberta's most conservative and progressive ridings, ranked

Tens of thousands of Albertans have used the Vote Compass online tool since the 2023 election campaign began, and the opinions they've provided paint a vivid political picture of the province.

They're frustrated, not apathetic. We spoke with undecided voters in a battleground riding

Have you decided how you're voting yet? In this battleground Calgary riding, many people have not. But it's not apathy causing the delay. It's frustration.
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What keeps Alberta conservative voters hopeful in Edmonton, the city bathed in orange

In provincial elections, Edmonton's conservative voters can't help but feel outnumbered. When the United Conservative Party cruised to provincial victory in 2019, claiming 63 of 87 seats, Edmonton remained stubbornly orange, with the NDP securing all but one seat in city limits.

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    CBC Alberta News May 28, 2023

    News Edmonton (Late Night)3 hours ago
  • Duration 31:02

    CBC Alberta News May 27, 2023

    News Edmonton (Late Night)1 day ago
  • Duration 44:12

    Our Calgary - May 27, 2023

    CBC Television2 days ago
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    CBC Calgary News at 11 May 26, 2023

    News Calgary (Late Night)2 days ago
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    CBC Calgary News at 6, May 26, 2023

    CBC News Calgary2 days ago
  • Duration 30:52

    CBC Calgary News at 6, May 26, 2023

    CBC News Calgary2 days ago
  • Duration 3:13

    ASIAN CHANGEMAKERS: Henry Tsang and the art of storytelling through architecture

    CBC News Calgary2 days ago
  • Duration 4:17

    ASIAN CHANGEMAKERS: Justine Bui raising awareness about colourism through art

    CBC News Calgary2 days ago
  • Duration 3:56

    ASIAN CHANGEMAKERS: Victoria Lee on being a BIPOC, female hydroponic farmer in Calgary

    CBC News Calgary2 days ago
  • Duration 10:58

    Alberta Liberal Party Leader John Roggeveen explains in an in-depth interview what his party hopes to achieve

    CBC News Calgary2 days ago

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