Flying through YYC with weed? Here's what you need to know

As of Oct. 17, if you are flying through the Calgary airport with weed, here’s what you need to know.

'It is early days and there are some lessons to come out of this,' airport spokesperson says

YYC airport weed rules 5:32

As of Oct. 17, if you are flying through the Calgary airport with cannabis, here's what you need to know.

Alan Lawn, the airport's terminal operations director, outlines the rules specific to YYC travellers on CBC Calgary News at 6.

This interview has been edited and paraphrased for clarity and length. You can watch the complete interview here.

Q: If someone is flying in Canada, what are the rules around cannabis?

A: It's a maximum of 30 grams you are allowed to take but it's only travelling within Canada.

You cannot travel outside of Canada with cannabis.

Q: What about a connecting flight that ends outside of Canada?

A: Depending on the jurisdiction, you are subject to the criminal laws in that country or state.

When you are travelling out of the country, do not travel with cannabis, is a good rule.

Q: Can people take it on board?

A: Yes. You can take it in your carry-on luggage or your checked luggage.

Q: Where can people smoke cannabis at the Calgary airport?

A: We are following City of Calgary bylaws, so only medicinal cannabis can be smoked in the designated smoking areas.

Alan Lawn of the Calgary airport says there are rules travellers need to be aware of before taking off with weed. (Anis Heydari/CBC)

Q: Who will enforce that?

A: Calgary police have a detachment here at the airport.

They do patrols in and outside of the terminal. They will be looking for people not following bylaws.

We also have a security team on the curbside. If they suspect something, they can contact police.

Q: There is talk that eventually the city will have to provide places for people to smoke it. Would the airport consider that?

A: Not at this time.

We don't have indoor smoking at the airport. Our smoking is in designated areas outside the building.

Q: Can you see any situation where a traveller would have cannabis confiscated for any reason?

A: People making connecting flights inside Canada ultimately outside of the country have to be conscious of their end destination.

They might have to surrender or dispose of the product at that time.

We have some tips that might be helpful on our website and links to other websites. We recommend travellers do their homework.

Q: To dispose of cannabis in that situation, would I just throw it in the garbage?

A: We are looking at the possibility of amnesty boxes where you may be able to dispose of it, but those things are being worked through right now, dealing with the different agencies.

It is early days and there are some lessons to come out of this.

With files from CBC Calgary News at 6


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