Bold behaviour prompts wolf warning in Bow Valley

Parks Canada has issued a wolf warning for Banff National Park, saying the animals are demonstrating bold behaviour in the Bow Valley between Banff and Lake Louise.

Wolves chased worker on snowmobile at Mt. Norquay

Parks Canada has issued a wolf warning for the Bow Valley, saying the animals are bold and people should carry bear spray. (Dawn Villella/Associated Press)

Parks Canada has issued a wolf warning for the Bow Valley in Banff National Park.

Wolves are demonstrating bold behaviour between Banff and Lake Louise, according to parks officials.

The warning was prompted by an unusual incident at Mt. Norquay ski hill on Wednesday morning, said resource conservation manager Bill Hunt.

A worker with noisy snow-making equipment spotted a group of wolves about three metres away. After he fled on his snowmobile, the wolves followed him for a short time.

"That behaviour is definitely a concern for us. The wolves in question are the three members of the Bow Valley pack that we have had a lot of issues with this summer," Hunt said.

"Typically wolves are extremely wary. We know this pack isn't. They have had a lot of exposure to people along the Bow Valley Parkway. As long as the behaviour isn't assertive or aggressive, that would fall into normal behaviour for this pack, but this behaviour kind of crosses the line."

Hunt is advising people to carry bear spray, ensure food and garbage are securely stored, leash pets and supervise children.

He says to act aggressively if a wolf approaches you to discourage it from coming closer.

Wolf sightings can be reported to Parks Canada's Banff dispatch at 403-762-1470.