Calgary pizza company brings a taste of home for Windsor ex-pats

Brothers who have searched far and wide for the pizza of their hometown Windsor, Ont., have given up the quest. Instead, they're cooking it up in their own establishment.

Windsor Pizza Co. has opened in Calgary's southeast for Windsorites salivating for that taste of home

One of the "secrets" to what makes Windsor Pizza special is the cheese is underneath all of the other toppings, instead of on top of them. (Angela Knight/CBC)

People often bring back their favorite foods when going back home for a visit.

In the case of people from Windsor, Ont., that means you have more pizza than clothes when you unpack your suitcase. 

"I don't know what it is about Windsor pizza, it's something in the sauce that's got a little bit of a spiciness to it. It's the way they chop the pepperoni. It's the way they cook it in the oven so it's kind of brown and crispy around the edges. Delicious," said Lisa Monforton, a web writer at CBC Calgary who lived in Windsor.

"I really miss Windsor pizza. Every time I go there, I sneak a couple of pizza pies in my suitcase," she said.

Enter Paul and Beau Bernard, brothers from Windsor who now call Calgary their home base.

They too could be found smuggling pizza back from Ontario, but now they have their own restaurant pumping out that Windsor goodness right here in Calgary.

"When we get together, people from Windsor, everybody talks about the pizza. And we just figured if we opened a place, people from Windsor would come in and try it... as well as let people from Calgary try the Windsor-style pizza," Paul told The Calgary Eyeopener. 

Beau Bernard and brother Paul Bernard are two of four co-owners of Calgary's Windsor Pizza Co. (Angela Knight/CBC)

They insist the secret is the finely shredded pepperoni — it makes it crispy and gives flavour in every bite. They throw the cheese on first and leave the other ingredients on top of the cheese. 

While they haven't even celebrated a full week of Windsor Pizza Co. being open for business, they're already looking into how to get the Windsor-made Galati cheese from three provinces over. 

"We had no idea there was this many people from Windsor in Calgary, and everybody has been great at supporting us," Beau said. 

In fewer than seven days, they've already seen customers from Airdrie, Edmonton and Turner Valley at Windsor Pizza Co. located at 10822 50 St. S.E.