There's a wild turkey on the loose in Ramsay

Residents of a southeast Calgary neighbourhood say they've gained an unusual neighbour recently. A wild turkey nicknamed "Turk" has been roaming the streets of Ramsay for the past few weeks.

Residents are following and sharing the bird's whereabouts on a dedicated Facebook page

This wild turkey has been roaming the streets of Ramsay for several weeks and has become a beloved member of the community. (Danielle Nerman/CBC)

Residents of a southeast Calgary neighbourhood say they've gained an unusual neighbour. 

A wild turkey nicknamed "Turk" has been roaming the streets of Ramsay recently. 

Residents have even started their own Facebook page, Loyal Followers of the Ramsay Turkey, and updates on Turk's whereabouts are posted every few hours by curious neighbours who spot him walking along the sidewalk or lounging in their yard.


The Calgary Eyeopener's Danielle Nerman visited Ramsay to talk to community members about the bird and to see if she could find Turk — and she did, after some helpful school children pointed her to a nearby yard. 

"It's right there moving under that house," said one boy.

Sure enough, Turk was relaxing outside a nearby home. 

Brianna Suska told Nerman that she first saw the turkey a few weeks ago in her yard. She already had a bird feeder out, but now she sprinkles some of the food on the ground for Turk.

This wild turkey has been spotted repeatedly in 2019 in the southeast Calgary neighbourhood of Ramsay. Nicknamed 'Turk,' he's even spurred a Facebook group. (Meghan Grant/CBC)

"He was staring in our windows and hung around, kept coming back and he's been around ever since," she said. "He comes by when he needs food and water and friends, I guess."

Some residents have started calling the turkey their mascot, while teachers at the local elementary school have used Turk's presence as a learning opportunity.

"The Grade 1 class found it and they were sketching it and they were telling turkey stories all morning," a parent told Nerman. 

With files from Danielle Nerman


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