Calgary drivers need to respect wide loads, trucker says after near collision

A truck driver pulling a wide load says drivers need to pay more attention to oversized cargo on city streets after a near collision at a northwest merge lane just off Crowchild Trail that left his trailer broken.

Building being hauled by semi left on street after trailer damaged during hard braking

The aftermath of the near-collision between an SUV and a semi pulling a wide load at a merge lane just off Crowchild Trail, northwest of the intersection with Nose Hill Drive. (Evelyne Asselin/CBC)

A truck driver says Calgary motorists need to pay more attention to oversized cargo on city streets after a near collision just off Crowchild Trail that left his trailer broken and the building he was hauling sitting on the road.

The incident happened Thursday morning near the Crowfoot LRT Station Park and Ride, where Scenic Acres Parade merges onto an access road that leads to the interchange between Crowchild and Nose Hill Drive N.W.

Abe Dyck was heading toward the interchange, hauling an oversized building, when he said an SUV tried to merge right next to him.

While there are two travel lanes at that point, Dyck said the SUV driver didn't seem to realize the trailer's load was more than one lane wide.

"He could have got killed," Dyck said. "That trailer would've gone right over top of the car."

The semi driver said he had to "slam the brakes" to avoid a collision and the sudden force damaged the trailer he was hauling, leaving it immobilized on the road.

The SUV driver left the scene.

The building being hauled was left on the access road just off Crowchild Trail as police responded to the situation. (Evelyne Asselin/CBC)

Police responded to the area and said they are still investigating the incident.

Dyck said it's far from the first close call he's seen involving city drivers and wide loads.

"They do not respect the load," he said. "They do not respect anything. They've just got to go, and they go high speed all the time."

with files from Evelyne Asselin


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