Dear Future Husband lip sync video features Calgary seniors, Nenshi

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is swinging his hips alongside some of the city's most upbeat seniors in this latest version of Meghan Trainor's hit Dear Future Husband.

Seasoned performers' repertoire includes Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey and ABBA

This video, shot by Whitehorn Village in northeast Calgary, is one of the many music productions the staff and residents have shot over the past two years. 3:06

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is swinging his hips alongside some of the city's most upbeat seniors in this latest version of Meghan Trainor's hit Dear Future Husband.

Staff and residents at the Whitehorn Village Retirement Community posted the lip-syncing video to YouTube Thursday, winning an endorsement from guest-star Nenshi. 

The dancing residents in the video range in age from 64 to 94-year-old Elsie, who receives a bouquet of flowers from the mayor himself.

Another resident is seen jiving to the line "buying groceries, buy, buying what you need," as she pulls a box of Polident denture cleanser out of a brown paper bag.

The residents and staff spent about one month shooting the video, and another two months editing it together. (Whitehorn Village/YouTube)

Nenshi a 'pretty good dancer'

Claudia Castanaza, a Whitehorn recreation aid and director of the music video, said having Nenshi in the video was worth the two years she spent trying to convince him to appear.

"He's actually a pretty good dancer."

Despite having shot seven music videos prior to this one, the seasoned performers experienced just a touch of stage fright at having this added bit of star power.

"They were really nervous," said Castanaza. "Oh yes, I think they had a little bit of a crush on the mayor."

The staff and residents at Whitehorn Village have been trying to get Mayor Nenshi to guest star in one of their productions for the past two years. (Whitehorn Village/YouTube)

Approximately 40 of the 189 villagers living in the community took part in the production, which was shot and edited on an iPhone over a period of about three months. 

Since 2013, staff and residents have had so much fun memorizing their lines, staging their performances and dancing to the beat that these music videos have become part of the regular programming.

The crew is already working on its next production, which features another hit from Meghan Trainor.

"Usually, we don't do one so fast afterwards, but they are so hyped because I told them who I'm planning to invite," Castanaza said.

If Castanaza gets her way, Canadian musician Jann Arden, the newly named joint parade marshal of the Calgary Stampede, will make a guest appearance. 

The troupe has also covered Taylor Swift's Shake it off,

ABBA's Dancing Queen,

and Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas.

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