RCMP have suspects in hunt for Nero the puppy's assailants

Saskatchewan RCMP say they have several suspects in their hunt for the people who set Nero on fire last month and are working to locate them.

Saskatchewan RCMP are working on locating suspects to question them

Nero, the puppy found badly burned last month, has been adopted in time for Christmas. 1:18

Saskatchewan RCMP say they have several suspects in their hunt for the people who set Nero on fire last month.

The puppy, who was adopted by a family in Okotoks on Friday, is settling into his new home in time for the holidays. But while things may be calming down for him, police are still working hard to find those responsible for trying to hurt him.

"We do have some suspects identified and we're working on locating them and questioning them," said Cpl. David Vanghel with the Saskatchewan RCMP.

Nero was brought to the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) in Calgary Nov. 8 and has been recovering there over the past six weeks.

AARCS, along with a number of donors, have posted a $5,000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who committed the "heinous crime." 

According to AARCS, shelter staff were flooded with offers from those wanting to donate to or adopt the little puppy.

"Normally we'd get one or two — and some dogs we've had up for adoption for a long time — so this is an anomaly for sure, to have that many people wanting this one little puppy," said AARCS e​xecutive director Deanna Thompson.

"He was so young when he went through this trauma and it really touched people's hearts, so they wanted to be able to give him that home."

Nero heads to Okotoks

AARCS says they are hoping people who wanted to adopt Nero will consider adopting some of the other animals at the shelter who also need homes this Christmas.

The Seth family, who were chosen by AARCS to adopt Nero, already has three other dogs — two of which are from AARCS.

They say the decision made sense to them and they're looking forward to watching Nero grow up.

"I've looked after special needs dogs before and I just felt so bad for him. And I thought, 'We live out here in the country and there's lots of room for him to run and play,'" said Nero's new adoptive mom Lorraine Seth.

"I just see him growing up as a normal member of the family."