Waterton Lakes National Park in pictures a year after Kenow wildfire

Waterton Lakes National Park was devastated by the Kenow wildfire a year ago that consumed more than 190 square kilometres inside the park, but as these pictures reveal, the process of renewal is already well underway.

Wildfire consumed more than 190 square kilometres inside park, but process of renewal well underway

Lost Mountain avalanche path above Blakiston Creek. (Parks Canada)

Waterton Lakes National Park was devastated by the Kenow wildfire a year ago that consumed more than 190 square kilometres inside the park, covering 39 per cent of its terrain.

About 80 per cent of the park's popular hiking trails were impacted and the fire led to a two-week mandatory evacuation. Five homes outside of the park were destroyed.

By comparison, a wildfire that's currently straddling the Canada-U.S. border is about 11 square kilometres, or 1,100 hectares. Parks Canada said Thursday that fire is about 14 per cent under control.

This week, Parks Canada released a series of before and after side-by-side pictures showing how the damage is already giving way to renewal.

Each of these side-by-side shots were taken from a similar viewpoint at different times, one in September 2017 and the other in June 2018.

Blakiston Valley over the Blakiston Falls viewpoint. (Parks Canada)
Mount Galwey above the Blakiston Valley. (Parks Canada)
Mount Crandell above the Crandell Campground in Blakiston Valley. (Parks Canada)
Crandell Campground entrance over Blakiston Creek. (Parks Canada)
Maskinonge looking south over the Waterton Valley. (Parks Canada)
Blakiston Fan looking west to Mount Crandell. (Parks Canada)
Red Rock Parkway in the Blakiston Valley upstream of Crandell Campground. (Parks Canada)
Crandell Campground Interpretive Theatre foundation. (Parks Canada)
Aspen parkland in the Blakiston Valley. (Parks Canada)
Bison Paddock pond on the Eskerine Complex east of Bellevue Hill. (Parks Canada)
Prince of Wales Hotel National Historic Site. (Parks Canada)
Montane ecosystem conifer forest. (Parks Canada)
Crandell Campground in the Blakiston Valley. (Parks Canada)
Red Rock Canyon and trailhead. (Parks Canada)
Red Rock Canyon. (Parks Canada)