Water supply top concern for Okotoks as town grows

As Okotoks' population approaches 30,000 people, the town is facing some growing pains and chief among them is concern over the water supply.

Local water licence is for 30,000 people but town lifted population cap 2 years ago

As the population of Okotoks approaches 30,000 people, the town is facing growing pains — chief among them concerns about water supply.

The community's water licence is for 30,000 people and that's where the town had capped its population limit.

But that cap was lifted two years ago and now officials are trying to come up with a solution — and that includes approaching other municipalities for help.

"We've applied to the City of Calgary to negotiate to bring a potable water pipeline down to Okotoks," said Mayor Bill Robertson. 

It's estimated it would cost $200 million to build two pipelines, one to bring water in and one to take wastewater out. 

Robertson says there are other towns around Calgary with the same problem.

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He says Okotoks is hoping to ride on the coat tails of those towns seeking similar agreements with Calgary.

Until then, he says the town does have agreements for temporary water licences until it can finalize a deal with the City of Calgary.