Vigil planned for 12-year-old killed by carbon monoxide in Airdrie

A vigil is planned for Sunday evening in memory of 12-year-old Trai Schlichter, who died last week in Airdrie from carbon monoxide exposure.

12-year-old Trai Schlichter died last week in Airdrie from exposure to the odourless, tasteless gas

12-year-old Trai Schlichter died from carbon monoxide poisoning in Airdrie last week. (Elysha Schlichter)

A vigil is planned for Sunday evening in memory of a 12-year-old boy who died last week in Airdrie.

Trai Schlichter was killed after he was exposed to carbon monoxide in his family apartment. Investigators say a poorly ventilated water heater was to blame.

Heather Morigeau and Leah Mikucki are family friends who are helping to coordinate the vigil. According to the two women, it's not just a memorial, but also a push for regulatory change. 

"The vigil ... is going to be an opportunity to honour Trai's family and to raise awareness for carbon monoxide detectors," said Morigeau. "We're hoping to ... encourage people to write to their MLA and city elected officials."

"Every home should have a carbon monoxide detector. That shouldn't be a question. It shouldn't be optional," said Mikucki.

Elysha Schlichter and her son Trai. (Elysha Schlichter)

Both women are part of a group that started an online petition asking both the province and city to require carbon monoxide detectors be installed wherever fire alarms are required.

Schlichter's funeral was held on Saturday afternoon. It was an emotional service made more difficult given the circumstances of the child's death, according to Morigeau. 

"To see a family have to say goodbye to their son is heart wrenching. For something that was easily preventable is infuriating," added Morigeau.

The funeral service came one day after the Schlichter's apartment building was evacuated for a second time due to elevated carbon monoxide levels.

However, a carbon monoxide detector handed out by the Airdrie Fire Department after Sunday's fatal exposure alerted residents, and no one was hurt.

The vigil in honour of Trai Schlichter is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Sunday in Airdrie's Nose Creek Park.