Cheeky Valentine's Day posts from Calgarians connect with more than just couples

Calgarians had a little Valentine's Day fun today online, and had others laughing along.

From police, to the city to some adorable giggling twins, seems the holiday has more to love than just romance

Turns out there's lots to love about Valentine's Day when it comes to Calgary and the internet. (Laura Laycock/Twitter)

You either love or hate Valentine's Day, right?

Well, some Calgarians are giving the city a few reasons to cozy up to the often cheesy holiday with a bit of laughter.

The city's love connections

First, there was the city confessing its dying love for surrounding municipalities — except perhaps Edmonton.

Let's just say Banff was a fan of the Edmonton dig, raising a (.gif) glass in response.

Then Edmonton replied, with love. 

And Calgary couldn't resist, rekindling the longtime relationship.

But the city's true love was undeniable with this call out to Calgarians to call them, maybe.

Police be our Valentine

Calgary police were also on board for a bit of fun, even with a somewhat serious topic: outstanding warrants.

These giggling cupid twins

Here's another Valentine's Day video from a Calgary mom that will bring a smile to any face. Laura Laycock had a good chuckle when she decided to do a Valentine's Day photo shoot with her twins last year.

While they were for sure feeling the love that day, it turns out they just really like to giggle.


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