Utility bills: Join the investigation and get answers through text messaging

Are your utility bills going up? Do you know why and how to minimize it? CBC Calgary is launching a new community-driven investigation to supply answers during a challenging time. Join us. We value your experience and your questions.

What information or resources have you gone looking for this winter?

Join our texting community to help us cover the issue of rising utility prices. (Elise Stolte/CBC)

Are your utility bills going up? Do you know why — and how to minimize them?

We've been hearing from residents across Calgary and southern Alberta who are struggling to pay for mounting gas and electricity bills. That's why we're launching a community-driven investigation.

Will you join us?

We want to know how your utility bills have changed and what it means to your budget. What information have you gone looking for this winter? Were you able to find it?

Let us know by adding your cellphone number in the box below.

Text with us — we'll send you questions and updates. Your help will keep this investigation on track and make sure it delivers what Calgary needs now. It's an experiment in a new kind of journalism. You may feel less alone and it could even be fun.

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