Stamps vs. Flames: A debate on which team represents the spirit of Calgary best

"Hockey is our game, but the Stampeders represent our city." Agree or disagree? In the lead up to Sunday's Grey Cup match, our Unconventional Panel weighs in on a serious matter.

Heated sports debate tackled and checked by our Unconventional Panel

Calgary Flames goalie Brian Elliott and Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell. (Getty Images/CBC Sports)

On Sunday night, the Calgary Stampeders face-off against the Ottawa Redblacks for Canadian football supremacy.

Meanwhile, the Calgary Flames are trying to string together some wins on the road.

With both teams competing for our attention, we decided to tackle a heated sports question on this week's Unconventional Panel.

Below is an edited transcript of a conversation between Calgary Eyeopener host David Gray and our panelists Balfour Der, Manjit Minhas and Andrew Phung.

Q: Which team better represents the spirit of Calgary — the Flames or the Stamps?

Andrew: The Stamps. Literally anyone can try out for the Calgary Stampeders. They have open tryouts. There's no open tryouts for the Flames.

Balfour: The Flames. They're trying hard. They're not doing well, but they're trying very hard, which is so much like Calgary.

Andrew: The Calgary Flames — Because They Tried. That should be their new slogan!

Balfour: I'm a fair weather fan so I don't like sitting in McMahon when it's -30 C in the wind, freezing to death watching the game. That ain't fun to me.

Manjit: To go to a football game in this country is truly Canadian because … you sit out there in the summer and enjoy a cold beer [and] you freeze with them in the winter. You are experiencing Calgary at its worst and its best — even with the weather.

Balfour Der is with the Calgary law firm Der Barristers, Manjit Minhas is the CEO of Minhas Micro Brewery and Andrew Phung is a local actor and star on Kim's Convenience on CBC Television. (Danielle Nerman/CBC)

Q: But Manjit, wasn't ice hockey a Canadian invention?

Manjit: I believe hockey was our game, but it's been stolen.

Andrew: Hockey is our game, but the Stampeders represent our city.

Manjit: Why is hockey our game though? We haven't won, or we don't even look like we're winning as a country, never mind as a city, in decades.

Q: So Manjit, what you're saying is we only back winners?

Manjit: Yeah!

Balfour: So now we're the City of Champions like Edmonton?

Q: The Flames face teams from New York, Chicago and L.A. all the time. What would happen if the Stamps went up against an NFL team?

Balfour: They'd be destroyed

Andrew: But it would be amazing to watch.

With files from the Calgary Eyeopener


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