U of C student rep wins election on puppy platform

The new vice-president of student life at the University of Calgary won his election on a cute and cuddly platform.

New vice-president of student life promises a 'puppy room'

A "puppy room" at Dalhousie University has been lauded by students there as a great stress reliever. A University of Calgary student is now trying to bring the idea here. (Courtesy Dalhousie University)

The University of Calgary’s new vice-president of student life won his election on a "cute and cuddly" platform.

Ben Cannon says talking about puppies played a big role in landing his new gig in the recent Students’ Union elections.

After promising students a room where they can play with puppies, Cannon captured 55 per cent of the vote in a three-way race.

"It sounds kind of like a silly idea at first but it’s proven scientifically, I mean, it raises your dopamine levels in your brain, lowers your blood pressure. There’s just something about it – there’s a reason why dogs are a man’s best friend."

"Puppy rooms" have been successful at the University of Ottawa and Dalhousie University, says Cannon.

Even though the idea was front and centre to his platform, Cannon says he never received any negative feedback during the campaign.

"Overwhelmingly positive, I can’t tell you how nice it is to have talked to so many students and had that conversation with them about it. I just tell them ‘google puppy rooms,’" he says Cannon.

"Obviously it stuck with a lot of people and I think everybody’s truly excited about the idea."