Twisted Element a 'hate crime' target, says Calgary gay bar owner

Police have launched an investigation into the theft of a rainbow flag at gay bar in Calgary that the owner says is just the latest incident of vandalism to plague his establishment.

Flag theft the latest in a series of vandalism incidents

Twisted Element owner RayJean Fafard holds up rainbow flag. He says the last one that was flying outside his establishment was torn down. (CBC)

The owner of a gay bar in Calgary says his business has been the target of a hate crime.

Rayjean (R.J.) Fafard, owner of the Twisted Element, posted a video on Facebook showing a man yanking down a gay pride flag hanging outside his establishment.

Fafard says the bar has experienced broken windows, eggings and other vandalism since it opened more than a decade ago.

He believes the acts are deliberate. 

"It's hurtful in the sense of, you know, like countries around the world everybody has a flag. Ours is the rainbow flag, so that means that is the definition of who we are and what it represents for us. So when you attack the pride flag, you're attacking the gay community," he said.

Fafard points to more acceptance of the gay community and the U.S. Supreme Court decision passing gay rights into law as factors.

Police have begun an investigation into the incident.