Justin Trudeau promises Calgary flood mitigation, transit money

A Liberal government will invest in big municipal projects in Calgary if elected, Leader Justin Trudeau pledged Wednesday morning at a campaign stop in the East Village.

Calgary can count on flood mitigation investment, and $1.5B for C-Train, if Liberals elected, Trudeau says

Justin Trudeau promises flood mitigation help for Albertans

6 years ago
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau took advantage of a stop in Calgary to announce flood mitigation relief for Albertans. 1:48

Justin Trudeau was touting the Liberal party's infrastructure investment plan in Calgary on Wednesday, appealing to the locals with pledges of funding for transit and flood mitigation.

​Trudeau said the Liberals support the $1.5 billion in funding promised by the Conservatives for Calgary's Green Line LRT expansion. 

He also said there would be significant flood mitigation investments if his party were to form the next government. 

"There is a direct connection between how ready we are and how quickly we can recover. If we don't make it a priority to build more resilient communities, we are putting our citizens, our environment and our economy at risk," he said at a rally at the Simmons Building in East Village.

"As an example, Mayor Nenshi has been talking about specific flood mitigation projects of about $50 million. Well, our green infrastructure fund will make that a reality."

Infrastructure plan

The Liberals are pledging to nearly double infrastructure spending over the next decade to $125 billion from the current $65 billion nationally.

The party is hoping the economic downturn in Alberta will help it convince voters that it's time to turn away from the Conservatives that have an iron grip on the province.

The last time the Liberals won a seat in Calgary was in 1968 and the last Liberal MP was ousted from Alberta in 2006.

With files from the CBC's Margo McDiarmid


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